Water, Sewer, and Septic

Folly Beach Water/Sewer Consumer Confidence Report 2021

Bills and Accounts

With the new format, you will not receive a postcard. The bill will be in letter format and there will be a remittance envelope to submit payment. If you have questions please contact our Utility Billing Clerk, Venecy Manley at 843-513-1831 or email at vmanley@follybeach.gov.

Online payment portal (Click Here)

Paying your water and sewer bill online just got easier! Visit the online portal above.

Once you register, you can

  • View and pay your water bill 
  • Set up autopay
  • Avoid convenience fees by paying with an echeck

Water Bills are Calculated based on the amount of water you consume. You can pay your water bill online using credit, debit, check, or bank draft by visiting the link above, or the water bill may be paid by cash or check made out to the City of Folly Beach and mailed to PO Box 48, Folly Beach, SC 29439.

If you have questions about your bill or believe there has been an error, please contact our Utility Billing Clerk, Venecy Manley at 843-513-1831 or email at vmanley@follybeach.gov.

You may also apply for a water account adjustment at City Hall and it will be reviewed by our Finance Department.

Septic tank inspections

A septic tank inspection is required prior to the sale of the house unless the tank has been built or inspected within 60 days.


Provide potable drinking water:

  • Operate and maintain the water distribution system:
  • Install, monitor, and repair hydrants, pumps, mains, meters, and valves
  • Operate storage tanks to ensure pressure, flow and water quality

Provide water for fire protection:

  • Install and maintain fire hydrants

Provide sanitary sewer service:

  • Operate and maintain sanitary sewer collection system:
  • Install, monitor, and repair force mains, gravity mains, and pump stations.
  • Service connections & cleanouts
  • Enforce, local, state and federal pollution control regulations
  • Investigate sewer back-up complaints
  • Oversee installation of sewer extensions to serve new customers

Enforce septic inspection and backflow prevention regulations:

  • Track required periodic septic inspections and backflow prevention tests
  • Tests can be sent to Kyle Sullivan, Utilities Director at ksullivan@follybeach.gov
  • For more questions please contact Kyle Sullivan via email: ksullivan@cityoffollybeach.com or call: (843)737-8251.

Fees and water transfers:

Water and sewer tap fees and impact fees vary based on the size and type of the service. Contact City Hall to inquire about specific charges, Commercial is generally $50/ERU, not to exceed $500.

  1. The connection fee is charged for new services installed by the city.
  2. The impact fees are charged for all new services and are based on the cost for the city to provide additional capacity in the water and sewer system.
  3. An extension fee will be charged when a water or sewer main must be extended to supply a property.
  4. The water rate is based on an increasing rate structure.
  5. The sewer rate is based on Equivalent Residential Units (ERU)
  6. To establish new service or transfer existing service, fill out the Transfer Form and return it to City Hall with the indicated payment.
  7. Water transfer fee and sewer transfer fee is $50 per utility

RATE CHART 2020-2024

For additional information please see the City of Folly Beach City Code online at Folly Beach’s Code of Ordinances Title V Chapters 51 & 52.

Testers & Backflow Inspectors

Current List of Charleston Inspectors

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