Folly 2050: Planning for Water

In 2017, the City of Folly Beach developed a Sea Level Rise Adaptation Plan. The five-year update to this plan has been completed and renamed Folly 2050: Planning For Water. A link is below.

Did you know? Sea level is expected to rise at least 1.6ft by 2050

Only about 25 years! 

As initiatives from the Folly 2050 Sea Level Rise Adaptation Report are implemented, they will be updated here regularly rather than in a static paper document. This will provide an accessible location to find up-to-date answers and keep citizens informed on the evolving nature of city projects..

Useful Links:

Folly 2050: Full-length strategy

Folly 2050: Reference Guide

Folly Flood Mapping Application

Flood Reporter


Key stakeholders met in April to review the implementation of 2017 actions and co-develop new recommendations for the plan update


This form allows residents and visitors on Folly Beach to report photos and information about flooding on the island. This information will aid planners on Folly Beach to act accordingly and manage flooding challenges

Stay tuned to this site for additional engagement opportunities in 2023.