Races, Runs, and Walks Rules

All Events on Public Property Must Meet the Following Criteria (City Code 153.06(B)):

  • Criteria for approval of special events on public
  • Special events on public property must accomplish at least one of the following objectives:
  • Have a positive impact on the quality of life for residents;
  • Enhance the image of the city;
  • Benefit the city financially; and
  • Promote tourism or benefit the business community between September 10 and April 30.
  • No special event on public property shall be approved if it will:
  • Threaten the environment or endanger wildlife;
  • Interfere with the public’s use of any street or the beach for more than half a block of the beach between May 1 and September 9;
  • Involve a run or a race between May 1 and September 9; or
  • Require more city services, such as traffic control and litter cleanup, than the city is willing to provide.

(C)     Trash and Recycling, City Code 153.03(8) and 153.06(L)

  • The clean-up and removal of all trash and recycling is the sole responsibility of the event host. Events on public property are required to provide recycling or a suitable alternative. If city receptacles are needed, organizer will be charged for employee time.

Insurance and High Risk Activities- City Code 153.06(K)

A certificate of insurance naming Folly Beach as an additional insured must be provided 10 days prior to event. City Council has the discretion to designate other activities as “high-risk” and require insurance. Events that include amusement rides must also provide a copy of the inspection report from the South Carolina Office of Elevators and Amusement Rides. A municipal insurance program can be found here:  TULIP Program

Alcohol – City Codes 111.04, 153.02(1), and 153.06(K)

  • All events outside the Folly River Park or Community Center must have permission from City Council to possess alcohol on public property
  • Insurance is required for all events involving alcohol. A municipal insurance program can be found here:  TULIP Program

Road Closures and Races, City Code 153.06(D)

All events requesting road closure (races, runs, events) must obtain permission from City Council and pay the $150 road closure application fee, below. All races and runs must use routes specified by Department of Public Safety.


Depending on the size and type of event, the City of Folly Beach may require city personnel including Police, Fire & Rescue, and/or Public Works to work the event. All extra expenses relating to city personnel involved during the day(s) of the event will be charged back to the organizing agency. The city shall determine the number necessary to ensure the safety of participants, minimize the inconvenience to our residents and reduce the public liability exposure to the organizing agency, as well as the city. The final bill will be transmitted to the organizing agency within thirty (30) days after the completion of the event.

If you have any questions, please contact the Municipal Clerk Wes Graham,wgraham@follybeach.gov  or 843-459-3520 

  • Road Closure Request $150.00.
  • Deposit $100.00 – $500.00 varies as noted.
  • Police Officers $50.00/hour per officer
  • (average 1-3 officers for the length of the event).
  • Fire Inspector (Special Inspection) $30.00.
  • Fire Truck & Crew $400.00/hour.
  • Public Works Staff $50.00/hour per staff member.
  • Barricades $25.00 per barricade, per day.