Meeting Minutes And Summaries

To help you stay up to date, please find minutes and summaries from City Council, Planning Commission, and other important boards/committees. Please note that official meeting minutes are not published until approved by vote at the next meeting. Meeting summaries are provided but do not reflect all discussions on matters that are voted on.

For any minutes not listed, please contact the Municipal Clerk/Clerk of Council, at 843-459-3520

City Council Minutes

The official minutes can be found here: Folly Beach Minutes. Note that minutes are approved at each meeting for the previous meeting and no official minutes are posted until they are approved. For a video copy of a recent City Council meeting (subject to availability), please email Wes Graham at

City Council Meeting Summaries

City Council meeting summaries are not official minutes, they are summaries of the meetings. For more in-depth information, please refer to the official minutes linked above. Minutes are only posted once Council approves them at the following meeting.

A-Tax Advisory Board Minutes

Community Promotions Committee Minutes

Design Review Board Minutes

Parks and Recreation Board Minutes