Do you have a plan?


2024 South Carolina Hurricane Guide

For Your Safety

  • Have a hurricane kit! The kit should include a portable battery-operated radio, flashlight, extra batteries, first aid kit, food and water for several days, a non-electric can opener, medications, moist towelettes, garbage bags, infant formula/diapers if needed, pet food and water for your pet, complete change of clothing, sleeping bag, matches in a waterproof container, and cash (ATM machines and credit cards may not be usable if power is out).
  • Evacuation plans – where will you go, do they accept pets, how will you get there? Communicate these plans with out-of-town family members.
  • If you or a family member has special needs, please include these arrangements in your plan. City emergency workers will be busily securing city facilities, equipment, and supplies and ensuring a general evacuation and will not be able to assist individuals with transportation or securing personal property.

For Your Home

  • Check your insurance coverage. Did you know it typically takes 30 days for a new insurance policy to become effective? Check into flood coverage because most homeowner’s insurance does not cover floods.
  • Have opening protection readily available for your home’s windows, doors, etc. Supplies immediately before a storm are difficult to find and may be more expensive. Factory made storm protection is often the best; however, if you choose to use plywood it should be at least ½” thickness, pre-cut to fit openings and attached securely with screws for ease of removal.
  • Learn how to secure power, gas, and water utilities now. It is often best to secure all utilities when evacuating. In the case of storm damage, doing this may reduce additional property losses and illuminate hazards to your family and emergency workers.

Prepare for Re-Entry

  • Residents & Property Owners – After a storm, re-entry on the island will require two forms of ID showing residency or property ownership. Such forms include: drivers license with Folly Beach Address, deed, lease agreement, utility bill, etc. Keep copies of necessary paperwork to have upon re-entry.
  • Property Managers – To be given early reentry privileges prior to the general public, you must hold a state property managers license and a City of Folly Beach business license.
  • Businesses – The City Administrator will issue a limited number of passes to each business for essential employees to return, and the employee must be able to provide employment verification (paystub, ID card, etc). Please contact Aaron Pope for more information.
  • Folly Beach licensed contractors will be permitted after residents and owners, but prior to the general public once conditions allow

Before Evacuation:

  • Review and finalize evacuation plans, family contacts, and supply kit.
  • Make sure to pack documentation for insurance and reentry.
  • Fill prescriptions and fill vehicles with fuel.
  • Secure items in yard (trash and recycling cans) and building openings and utilities; set refrigerator on coldest setting.
  • Place valuables in safe/waterproof area or containers.
  • Leave when evacuation order is given! Remember, in a severe storm emergency services will have to evacuate for the protection of personnel and emergency equipment and will not be available.
  • Call 911 if you have an emergency. Folly Beach Dispatch will likely not be operational. 

After the Storm:

It is our goal to provide for the safety and security of our citizens after a large scale disaster; for this reason, Public Safety may find it necessary to limit access to all or portions of the island based on the extend of damage. Please expect long delays and ensure you have the paperwork listed above for access. There will be a checkpoint set up to control access on and off of the island for as many days after the storm as necessary to ensure personal and property safety.

The city will post updates to our City of Folly Beach Facebook page and residents and property owners should sign up for the Code Red alert system by visiting our website: You may select phone, text, or email notifications as the city releases them (typically several times daily during an emergency).

After returning, check the home for damages, looking for downed power lines and downed trees especially. Only hire licensed contractors to perform work on your home. Depending on the extent of the storm, City Hall will have extra staff and hours to accommodate extra license and permitting requests.

For information, call Folly Public Safety—at 843-588-7003