Golf Carts

Here are the rules and regulations for registering, renting and operating golf carts--Folly Beach's preferred mode of transportation!

RESIDENTS must register golf carts with the city and obtain golf cart stickers. Registration is through our third party vendor, Park Foly Beach. Information and application forms can be found HERE.

Prepare for your application by gathering your SC Golf Cart Registration Permit letter from the SCDMV (with audit # and a Folly Beach Registered Address), a current insurance identification card listing the golf cart, and read the golf cart rules below.


VISITORS cannot register golf carts that have been brought onto the island temporarily. State law requires that golf cart cannot be driven more than four miles from the address on the SCDMV registration, and therefore the city cannot issue decals for visitor’s golf carts. The only exception is if you own a home on Folly and have included your Folly address on the SCDMV registration.

  • Rental golf carts must display valid SC Department of Motor Vehicles and City of Folly Beach stickers. Make sure the company you rent from is following these rules.


  • Golf carts can be driven across, but not on, Center Street or Folly Road.
  • The driver of a golf cart must be at least 16 years old and be in possession of a driver’s license, the SCDMV registration certificate and proof of liability insurance.
  • Golf carts may not be operated at night.
  • Golf carts cannot be driven in the rain or at any other time when visibility is limited.
  • All drivers of golf carts are required to read the Folly Beach laws related to golf carts. The golf cart laws can be found in Chapter 73 of the city of Folly Beach Ordinances. Click here to view the ordinance.