Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

FOIA Procedure 1. Using the form below, specify the information you want to attain and any other information requested by the form. 2. The form requesting the information shall be emailed, mailed by regular mail, or delivered to the Municipal Clerk. 3. The Municipal Clerk shall date stamp the request and put the date the information was received on the front page of the request. The due date for verification of the request is 10 business days from the date requested, 20 business days if over 24 months old. 4. Once the request is verified, the City will determine an estimate as to the cost to research and copy the requested information. Requester’s must submit a deposit equal to 25% of the estimate. For a complete list of costs, please see Page 2 of the request form, below. 5. The following records of the City must be made available for public inspection and copying during City hours of operations when the requester appears in person without the requester being required to make a written request to inspect or copy the records: (a) minutes of the public body for the preceding six months (available on the website) (b) all reports identified in SC Code 30-4-50 (A) (8) for at least the 14 day period before the current day; and (c) documents identifying persons confined in any jail, detention center, or prison for the preceding three months.