Folly Beach Fire Department

The Folly Beach Fire Department was established in 1948 and was originally staffed solely by volunteers. The department has evolved to now have 9 full time Fire PSOs working a three platoon rotating system of A, B, and C shifts with additional part-time firefighters per day. Our part-time staff comes from other area departments fully trained. Volunteer firefighters remain a vital part of our operations. They respond to emergency calls and provide support, man reserve units, and assist the incident commander with scene control.

Fire is Only The Beginning These Days

Times have changed since the department was established back in the '40s. We came from a department that initially ran only fire related calls to an organization that runs fire, rescue and medical calls. Medical responses now make up 75 to 80% of our call volume. Our Agency is authorized to provide EMT level care, we are in the process of working towards more advanced Paramedic level care.

Our goal is to become deeply involved in the community we serve and become a total service organization. The Folly Beach Fire Department strives for continuous delivery of exemplary customer service while maintaining a safe community.

Fire Suppression

The city currently enjoys an ISO classification of 4. We have one central station at 106 W. Cooper Ave. The station houses 2 pumpers, a 107′ aerial ladder truck, an HMMWV service unit, Ocean/Beach QRV (Quick Response Vehicle), and a Jet Ski with rescue sled.

We have a response time of fewer than 5 minutes for most of the Island and have response agreements for structure fires and large-scale incidents with neighboring departments.

Code Enforcement

Fire inspections are typically conducted on commercial businesses twice a year to ensure code compliance and the safety of occupants. Residents or businesses may request a free safety inspection at any time by calling 843-588-2433.

Our Fire Marshal works closely with the building official in new construction projects and renovation in addition to conducting routine inspections.


Folly Beach is a combination department that includes paid, part-time, and volunteer firefighters. Volunteer firefighters can operate as support personnel or as emergency responders. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact us or fill out a job application online placing volunteers in the position applied for. The volunteers meet a minimum of twice each month for training. get involved!

2021 Pierce 107' Ladder

2021 Pierce Engine

2021 Pierce 107' Ladder

2021 Pierce Engine

Important Public Safety Numbers

patrol car with lights

Dispatch: 843-588-2433

Non-Emergency Line: 843-588-7003

Fax: 843-588-7009

Records: 843-513-1845

Administrative Secretary: 843-513-1845

Beach Rules and Regulations: 843-588-2447 Extension 3

Parking: 843-588-2447 Extension 2

How to Appeal a Parking Ticket: 843-513-1925

Animal Services: 843-588-7003