Rules for Events on the Beach (Including Weddings)

In addition to the rules that apply to all special events, there are conditions that apply specifically to events that are held on the beach. This includes wedding ceremonies that take place on the beach.

  1. The use of the beach is free, however, you cannot ask anyone to move or reserve a space.
  2. Weddings with over 25 people must appear before the Special Events Committee for approval, so allow appropriate time for permit application.
  3. Events are discouraged between 3rd Street, East, and 3rd Street, West between May and October because of crowding. Events held in this area must not interfere with the lifeguards or beach franchise operations.
  4. Weddings and other events on the beach shall not impede the passage of pedestrians or patrol vehicles on the beach or public walkways to the beach.
  5. Wedding receptions are prohibited on the beach.
  6. The possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited on the beach. Glass containers and cans are prohibited on the beach. Non-alcoholic beverages may be in a cooler, but their contents must be transferred to a plastic or paper cup, and then returned to the cooler.
  7. Loud music or other loud noise is not allowed on the beach at any time.
  8. Fireworks and open fires, including tiki torches, are prohibited on the beach. Gas grills are permitted.
  9. Any items that are put on the beach for a wedding or other event (such as tents pulpits, chairs, plants, arbors, or decorations), must be removed before sunset or before the tide reaches them, whichever is sooner. Any items left on the beach overnight are subject to confiscation by the city.
  10. Only environmentally safe materials may be thrown during weddings on the beach, such as bird seeds or real flowers, or flower petals (no rice or balloons).
  11. Access to the beach must be made through a public walkover unless the event has permission to use a house or vacant lot on the front beach with a private walkover.
  12. No motorized vehicles, including golf carts, are allowed on the beach.
  13. No motorized vehicles, including golf carts, are allowed through the gate into the old Coast Guard property at the East end of the island toward the Morris Island Lighthouse.
  14. It is extremely important to remember to stay away from (and to keep your children and dogs away from) the sand dunes and turtle nests. It is unlawful to damage, destroy, alter, level, or remove any sand dune or even to be present on the sand dunes, except on the walkovers. It is also unlawful to cut, break, or otherwise destroy sea oat plants or any part of a sea oat plant on public or private property. Each time such an offense is committed, it is subject to a $500 fine. Damaging or disturbing sea turtle nests is a federal crime.

If you have any questions, please contact the Municipal Clerk Wes Graham,  or 843-459-3520 

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Questions about Special Events on Folly?

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