Rules for Events on Public Property

All Events on Public Property Must Meet the Following Criteria (City Code 153.06(B)):

  • Criteria for approval of special events on public property:
  • Special events on public property must accomplish at least one of the following objectives:
  • Have a positive impact on the quality of life for residents;
  • Enhance the image of the city;
  • Benefit the city financially; and
  • Promote tourism or benefit the business community between September 10 and April 30.
  • No special event on public property shall be approved if it will:
  • Threaten the environment or endanger wildlife;
  • Interfere with the public’s use of any street or the beach for more than half a block of the beach between May 1 and September 9;
  • Involve a run or a race between May 1 and September 9; or

Trash and Recycling, City Code 153.03(8) and 153.06(L)

  • The clean-up and removal of all trash and recycling is the sole responsibility of the event host. Events on public property are required to provide recycling or a suitable alternative. If City receptacles are needed, organizer will be charged for employee time.

Insurance and High Risk Activities- City Code 153.06(K)

  • A certificate of insurance naming Folly Beach as an additional insured must be provided 10 days prior to event. City Council has the discretion to designate other activities as “high-risk” and require insurance. Events that include amusement rides must also provide a copy of the inspection report from the South Carolina Office of Elevators and Amusement Rides. A municipal insurance program can be found here:  TULIP Program


Alcohol – City Codes 111.04, 153.02(1), and 153.06(K)

  • All events outside the Folly River Park or Community Center must have permission from City Council to possess alcohol on public property.
  • Insurance is required for all events involving alcohol. A municipal insurance program can be found here:  TULIP Program

If you have any questions, please contact the Municipal Clerk Wes Graham,  or 843-459-3520 

Special Event Notification Form

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Whether it's at the beach, at your home or in the streets of Folly Beach, we love a good event. But there are some basic rules to follow and you may need a permit. Click here to learn more.