Building Forms, Permits, and Inspections

Building permits are required for all new construction, remodeling, and repairs. This includes interior and exterior work on existing homes, as well as docks, retaining walls, seawalls, fences, pools, septic tanks, and the like.

Questions about building permits should be directed to the Permitting Department:

What documents are needed to obtain a permit?

Documents needed to obtain a permit may vary depending on the type of permit.

The following documents will be required for all permit submittals:

1) Permit Application

2) Business License Application

3) Signed customer contract or a signed estimate between the General Contractor and Subcontractor

Please note, the Business License Application is only required if you do not have a current Folly Beach License.

How can I apply for a permit?

Permit submittal packages for new construction or large renovations must be submitted electronically to

Trade permits may be submitted electronically to or dropped off at City Hall.

Please allow a 4-5 business day processing time for permits that do not require plan review.

(For permits that require plan review, please allow a 4-8 week processing time.)

How do I request an inspection?

All requests for inspections must be emailed to Please include the permit number, the address, contact information, type of inspection, and any special requirements for the inspector in the request.