Accommodations Tax Advisory Board

The Accommodations Tax Advisory Board shall make recommendations to City Council on, and establish guidelines for, the granting of 65% of the state accommodations funds.

Seven members appointed by City Council to staggered three year terms. Appointments shall be made no later than June 1 of the year in which the term expires.

Four members shall represent the hospitality industry, with two of those four being from the lodging sector; one shall represent a cultural organization; and two shall represent the general public. If all applicants are similarly qualified, preference should be given to Folly Beach residents and registered voters.


Accommodations Tax Grant

Application Instructions The Accommodations Tax Application form and prior year reporting form (if you received funds the previous year) must be filled out completely. Supplemental information may be attached to

the application, but may not replace it. Applications must be received by 4:00 p.m. on Friday, August 25th Applications received after this time and date will not be accepted. (Note: This is not a postmark date.)

One (1) original plus eight (8) Papercliped copies of pages 1-3 with receipts should be mailed to:

City of Folly Beach

Attn: Wes Graham

PO Box 48

Folly Beach, SC 29439

OR hand delivered to City Hall – Attn: Wes Graham

21 Center Street

Folly Beach, SC 29439

Board Members
Term Expires
Board Chair
Paul Chrysostum
Board Member
Cliff Harvey
Board Member
William Hampton
Board Member
Kathy Miller
Board Member
Darlene Rawls
Staff Liaison
Wes Graham Email Wes

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